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Our Team

Jason Cardinal, MD, MS

Physician Scientist, Technologist

Rosanna Zhang

MIT Student, Entrepreneur

Eddy Chen, MD

MGH Oncologist, Patient Advocate

John Silberholz, PhD

Data Scientist, MIT Faculty

Winner of Koch Institute "Best Cancer Hack" Award at MIT Hacking Medicine

MIT Grand Hack 2017

Winner of John Snow Labs Data Prize at MIT Hacking Medicine

MIT Grand Hack 2017


Every Patient Deserves A Fighting Chance

Often emotionally and physically overwhelmed, cancer patients, do not have the energy, expertise or time to find the right clinical trials for themselves. To the terminally ill ones, clinical trials could be their last resort against deadly diseases.

Clinical trial enrollment is a complex and time-consuming process for both patients and their physicians. While 70% of patients would like to be considered for clinical trials, only 5% of them are on one.

First, we use state of the art technology to capture patient's preferences and priorities and predict their perceived side-effects severity and tolerance level. Then, we analyze patient EMR data and take clinicians' input to determine the best course of treatment. We then combine these factors and gage them against clinical trial data to produce a ranked list of trials that are the best fit for the patient.

Current clinical trial recruitment processes are both inefficient and costly to pharmaceutical companies and other trial sponsors. Billions of dollars are being wasted every year due to patient dropouts and failed clinical trials.

Our patient-first solution also benefits stakeholders of clinical research development. With the holistic approach, our enrollment is of better quality. And because we understand patients' concerns and priorities up front, we are better equipped to resolve issues that arise during the trials to retain patients better. Our close involvement of patient's primary physicians also ensures clinical care continuity.


Our solutions are designed to maximize therapeutic benefits to patients, both physically and psychologically.


We don't just match patients with clinical trial eligibility criteria; our novel algorithms take a plethora of factors, including patients' preference and priorities into considerations.


We empower clinicians by giving them the tools they need to provide better care; We help trail sponsors by improving recruitment quality and reduce patient dropouts; Most importantly, we minimize patients' suffering and may even save their lives!

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